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mattieuperrin's Journal

DRONE M-R 4 of 6
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE: uniforms (UPS, Armed Forces, police officers, fireman, mechanic...), music videos, paramount's great america, disneyland, sci-fi drama, The Lord of the Rings (and esp. the Elves of Mirkwood and Lothlorien), the color green, serendipity, exploring other people's universe, experiencing what makes people tick, reaching out to people in general, foreign films, burt wolf's travels and traditions, music that moves my soul, volleyball (setter rank: BB), karaoke, French, Montréal, Spanish, Italy, cultures, Québec, Star Wars, Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, BORG values (Quest for perfection, strive for common goal, efficiency, order, structure, harmony, acquisition of distinctive knowledge and technology), non-fiction, the news, politics, drama/documentaries, mythology, archeology, history, the discovery channel, biographies, DVD, CD+G, connecting, personal growth, impacting people, self expression, flamenco, making a difference in people's lives, my custom-made Star Trek Admiral's Formal Uniform, my custom made Anakin Skywalker cape that flows and draps all the way to the ground, the marvels of the world, enriching the soul, and looking/appreciating anything of beauty, meaning and achievement.

When it comes to relationships or friendships, it is not necessarily what I am doing but the company that I am with that really makes it cherished and memorable.

Lastly, I would love to visit all of the medieval castles/fortresses and chateaux of old in Europe. I could lose myself in the history of living in these time periods.

IN MUSIC, I LOVE: In SPANISH (Luis Miguel, Castro Cristian, Ana Gabriel), in FRENCH (Lara Fabian, Céline Dion, Patricia Kaas), in ENGLISH (Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian, Céline Dion, Steve Perry of Journey, Alison Krauss, Laura Pausini, Pat Benatar, Jennifer Holiday, Patti LaBelle, Anita Baker, Regina Belle, Alison Krauss, Stevie Nicks, Phillis Hyman) and tenor Mario Frangoulis. Mostly powerful ballad belters with regal, hair-raising, majestic, large, bigger than life, soaring, gutsy, expressive, defiant, longing, distinctive voice qualities.

I VALUE: punctuality, self-awareness, a conscience, integrity, honesty, respect, consideration, honor, strength of character, duty, responsibility, accountability, doing the right thing rather than the easier way, harmony, inner strength, pragmatism, justice, wisdom, knowledge, the belief in a higher power (and no, I am not a Jesus freak), selflessness, knowing the difference between courage versus stupidity, courage in light of adversity, caution, brutal no-nonsense common sense approach to things, volunteering, goodwill, worldliness and understanding.

Agnostic, ESFJ in the Briggs-Myer Personality Test, A Dragon in the Chinese Horoscope, a Saggitarius, a 4-6-? in the Enneagramm, Kinesthetic/Tactile (versus visual or auditory modes), Chinese, Gay, very Americanized, curious, 55% introvert and 45% extrovert, social, warm, insightful, live-and-let-live (as long as you don't step on my toes), perceptive, analytical, intuitive, Attention Deficit Disorder ((I get bored easily, thrill seeking, hyper-active, indulgent, spontaneous, unpredictable, I always looking to do something and be productive, multi-tasking expert, excellent crisis and emergency coordinator/manager, resourceful, boundless energy, highly aware of the physical world, non-linear brain wiring, with a deep capacity to feel emotions)), a survivor of life, battle hardened in the school of hard knocks, independent minded, duty driven, morally driven, principles driven, self-reflective, strong willed, independent thinker, young at heart with the wonderment of life, Latin at heart, open minded. And bad in grammar and syntax. I really should use 'spell check' B 4 posting.

I love comedies like Seinfeld, I love Lucy, the 3 Stooges, 3's Company, Will and Grace, Alley McBeal, Abbott and Castello, and movies like Private Benjamin, Airplane, Space Balls, E.T., Bagdad Cafe, The Color Purple, The Exorcist, Night of the Living Dead, Road Warrior and foreign films at La Lumière.

I USUALLY ASSUME the role rescuer, caretaker, advisor, advocate, rebel, catalyst, empowerment, protector, enforcer, gate keeper, nurturer, champion of the weak/innocent/lost/helpless/voiceless/marginalized/oppressed/souls.

Republicans, the Far Christian right, homophobes, games, pettiness, hypocrites, gold diggers, evil hidden agendas, habitual liars, control freaks, con artist, people who lack a conscience, unnecessary risks because I favor wisdom over stupidity, mindlessness, users, free loaders, crooks, inconsiderate cro-magnons, flakes, small minded folks, negativity as a way of life, insensitive / reckless behavior, uncontrolled arrogance, people who complain but refuse to be active partners to a solution, the indifferent, people who impose personal religion/views/etc... and people with more than 3 personalities at all once. But I do sincerely believe that people are basically GOOD except when confronted with adversity or have been irreparably hurt, damaged, betrayed, misled, manipulated, being lied to or all consuming/blind/misdirected bitterness.

WHEN IT COMES TO MARRIAGE MATERIAL/RELATIONSHIPS: I am not necessarily impressed with the size of your wallet, material trimmings, mortal beauty or status. I am more impressed with how you overcomed challenges; how you turned misfortune in to opportunity. I am more interested in who you are, your accomplishments, your personality, your values, your strength of character... your mind... YOUR HEART... YOUR SPIRIT... YOUR WHOLE BEING.

70's and 80's music, ac transit, academia, adhd, agnostic, airports, allergies, ancient rome, andromeda, astrology, bay area, big ballads, body pillows, books, boys, brain mysteries, burritos, canada, cantonese, celtic music, cheese, cirque du soleil, classic rock, comedy, concerts, cooking, cristian castro, cultures, céline dion, deep space nine, deutch welle, disneyland, dragon, elves, epic stories, ewan mcgregor, flea markets, fnac.com, food, foreign films, french, french cuisine, french restaurants, gay, germany, goat cheese, god, green, halloween, health, hopeless romantic, humor, imax theaters, indian food, intuition, ireland, isfj, italy, japan, joseph campbell, karaoke, kinesthetic, lara fabian, laura pausini, legolas, lemon grass, les baguettes, lime, lord of the rings, love at first sight, luis miguel, mario frangoulis, mexico, montréal, movie soundtracks, movies, muni, municipal railway, music videos, mutants, mythology, non-fiction, oakland, paramount's great america, paranormal, pat benatar, patricia kaas, patti labelle, paté de foie, pbs, personal growth, phil donahue, philosophy, pho'", photography., piercings, pizza, politics, psychics, psychology, québec, red wines, robert schleihauf, romance, roquefort, safe sex, sagitarius scorpio crusp, salsa, san francisco, sci-fi, sex, sf pride parade, sfmuni, singing, spain, spanish, spicy food, spiderman, spirituality, star trek, star wars, stars, sushi, tactile, tennis, thai food, the borg, the matrix, the mint karaoke lounge, theme parks, uniforms, volleyball, voyager, whitney houston, x-men